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Root Canal Therapy in North Bay

Dr. Karim Dentistry provides tooth extraction and root canal therapy in North Bay and surrounding areas. We will treat your damaged or decayed teeth and gums that cause pain and discomfort, and help you to restore your oral health.

Tooth Extraction

If you’re suffering from extensive tooth damage or decay, it will have to be extracted to reduce the pain and seal it from further injuries. During the extraction process, we are extremely cautious to prevent the surrounding bone and soft tissues from being damaged. We can also provide you with a dental implant to replace the extracted tooth. In order to keep you comfortable during the extraction procedure, we can provide mild sedation.

Root Canal (Endodontics)

If you’re suffering from a diseased dental pulp issue such as inflammation or infection inside the tooth, endodontic treatment may be necessary. The pulp can be irreversibly damaged due to trauma, accident or decay and without the extraction, the surrounding area may get infected and cause further damage.


Our dentist, Dr. Karim, will clean and disinfect the inner infected layer of the tooth, then fill the root canal space in order to successfully restore the tooth. Book an appointment at our dental clinic today!

Root Canal Therapy (Post-operative Instructions)

If you just had  root canal therapy, you may experience some tenderness that can last a few days or weeks. Make sure that you take your medications exactly as prescribed. If you are experiencing swelling, fever or severe pain, please call us immediately.


Kindly note that the temporary filling placed in the tooth will break down quickly and therefore, a more stable type of filling is required. The treated tooth should have a crown placed over it to restore the shape. It might also require a build-up of the filling before the process begins to create a stump for the crown.

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